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Purple Home

World is filled with design and perhaps has grown a bit tired of frilled designing as well as recycled designs. Such a crowded climate is suffocating design, as if it's almost risking drowning in itself, losing value and uniqueness. This is exactly why we don't consider typical stylistics a cornerstone, while working on our designs. We strive to achieve a real, comfortable, natural and unique design, avoiding any clichés and duplicates. «Purple home» is a perfect example which embodies our unique vision. A dark and eccentric interior, riddled with various cultural objects of design, while staying cosy and functional. While this special kind of space isn't indeed for everyone, we're happy to say- it's in perfect harmony with personality and image of the owner. She has a brave and bold personality, she's an ambitious publisher of the glossy magazine, who values courageous steps and new directions as means of achieving what she wants.

Architect: Elena Dobrovolska
Space: 210 m2
Realization: 2008
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Photos: Andrey Avdeenko

Purple Home

Purple Home

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 Project: Purple Home  Realization: 2008  Location: Kyiv, Ukraine

Purple Home


Kyiv, Ukraine