Yacht on French Riviera

Without a shadow of doubt - creation of interior for an ocean yacht is an unique experience. Designing in this field is a whole new parallel world with established rules and canons, both technically and aesthetically. There simply can't be no decorative frills, since strict voyage rules will put everything in its place. Professionals who navigate the sea tend to be particularly sceptical and ironic when seeing certain individuals trying to express themselves through glamorising their boat's interior. However, in our case, everyone involved in this ambitious project- design team along with clients and captain of the chosen vessel had a simple, yet practical vision to make it happen. Captain consulted us regarding technical aspects as well as health and safety considerations, while we envisioned an elegant and aesthetic design. We put a lot of thought into details of yacht's interior, which was made with a concept of being luxurious, while not having impractical or excessive frills. Envisioning a concept of practical luxury without excess, considering clients were pleased- we think we succeeded.

Architects: Elena Dobrovolska
Colaborations: Guilherme Mahana, Luciana Ribeiro
Space: 210 m2
Realization: 2013
Location: Kyiv, Ukraine
Photos: Andrey Avdeenko

Yacht on French Riviera

Yacht on French Riviera

Main Deck Aft.jpg
Main Deck Aft1.jpg
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Port Aft Cabin.jpg
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Sun deck sun loungers.jpg
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 Project: Yacht on French Riviera  Realization: 2013  Location: French Riviera

Yacht on French Riviera


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